Monday, 25 February 2013

Looking for Wholesaler Options?

Wholesale distributors play a very important role in pushing any retailing business. They act as a middle party between a manufacturer and a retailer. The wholesale distributors buy new and/or used goods from a manufacturer at very low price in bulk wholesale lots and then resell it to the retailers who again sell the goods to their customers and make a profit out of it. That is, Wholesaler Directory UK are engaged in an act of selling business to business goods. They don’t directly deal with the general public. They deal only with the retailers of the related field.

Let's discuss the wholesaler's role in detail- wholesale distributor’s plays a key role in the whole process of manufacture and selling of a product. A wholesale distributor buys goods in large quantity from a manufacturer, stores it, repacks and redistributes it whenever required by the retailers, industrial, commercial or professional users. The wholesale distributors sell the goods in bulk lots; they are not engaged in selling the goods in small quantities to general public.

They do not sell products directly to the customers. They are the selling and communication medium between the manufacturer and the retailer. In other words we can say that they act as an agent or broker who sells durable or non durable goods to companies or other wholesalers or retailers. They work as an independent organization and sell their goods in wholesale markets where all the traders are assembled. One can search for gift wholesalers where you can get wholesale gifts in UK, wholesale gifts UK etc.