Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Online Gift Store: Essential tips to start and market your online shop

Everyone loves to send and receive gifts from their loved ones on special occasions. In every part of the world, giving occasional gifts is a tradition. If you are someone who is creative and wants to make some easy wealth then setting up a gift store is a good idea. People can implement their creativity and a direction to their imagination by starting their home based gift store. Selling is an art and learning this art requires passion and dedication.

What are the things you need to start an online store?
  • A business plan and a great product
  • A user friendly website
  • A solid marketing plan

Business Plan and Product

Making a plan is the first and foremost step of your whole setup. Things which should be there in a business plan:
  • Decide what you want to sell, something traditional like candles, display collectibles or something creative or specific. If you are not specific about the gifts then it is wise to choose the things which are easy to sell.
  • Choose a name for your business that can attract buyers.
  • Research about all the similar service provider shops and try to offer a unique service. It will differentiate your shop from thousands of other shops in your niche.
  • Find a gift wholesaler who will provide the goods at lowest possible prices. You can take the help of Wholesalers Directory for finding out information about some legitimate suppliers in your niche.
  • Set the price of the products accordingly. Compare the price of the goods on similar sites first.

User Friendly Website
For this step, I am suggesting two approaches. First, take the help of free tools and build your own website. Second, hire an experienced web developer and better spend your time in making a rock-solid product marketing plan.

Marketing Plan
There are number of things you can do to market your business effectively such as setting up a business blog, listing your business on a wholesale suppliers directory, sharing information about your products on social media sites, creating a Facebook page and so on. You can also hire an online marketing expert for the same.

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